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About   Jaguar

Jaguar is a luxury car brand produced by Jaguar Land Rover. Jaguar cars are on the roads since 1935, though the manufacturer itself – Swallow Sidecar Company – appeared much earlier, in 1922, and initially specialized in motorcycle sidecars.

In fact, the brand came to prominence after a series of sports cars which brilliantly performed in overseas competitions. In particular, Jaguar brand was crowned with success after five tremendous Le Mans 24 Hours victories in the 1950-s. However, the company has changed several owners throughout its history, including British Motor Corporation, British Leyland and Ford. Since 2008, the marque belongs to the Indian company Tata Motors.

Jaguar is an elite and up-market British car company. And it comes as no surprise that it manufactured high-class models for the British Prime Minister and has the royal warrants from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.