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About   SUV/MUV

A sport utility vehicle (SUV, sometimes called a sports utility wagon) is a vehicle similar to a station wagon or estate car that is usually equipped with four-wheel drive for on-road or off-road ability.Some SUVs include the towing capacity of a pickup truck with the passenger-carrying space of a MUV or large sedan.Although designs vary, SUVs were built with a body-on-frame chassis similar to that found on light trucks.

Early SUVs were mostly two-door models, and often available with removable tops. Most SUVs are two-box design featuring an engine compartment with a combined passenger and cargo compartment, as in a station wagon body. Mid-size and full-size SUVs have two of three rows of seats with a cargo area directly behind the last row of seats.

The original 1984 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) made by American Motors combined passenger car comfort features with truck chassis strength in a unibody structure for ease of driving in difficult conditions, at the same time establishing the modern SUV market segment and responsible its growth during the late-1980s and early-1990s. The compact-sized XJ Cherokee was available in both two- and four-door versions, becoming one of the most popular SUVs ever made with over 2.8 million built between 1984 and 2001.